Ingredient : Phukhaw(Houttuynia cordata) 100%
Contain : 750 ml.
Usage : Drink 30-60 ml. daily
Thailand FDA No. 17-2-03447-2-0005


  • Scientific name : Houttuynia cordata Thunb. SAURURACEAE

    Houttuynia, is a flowering plant native to Japan, southern China and Southeast Asia, where it grows in moist, shady places. It has been use for vegetable in north part of Thailand, the fresh plant have a strong smell. In Thai traditional medicine use this plant for cure about lymph problem. The new science research has found more benefit from this plants.


    • Improve the effectiveness of white blood cells
    • Enhances the body’s immune system
    • Inhibits the growth of cancerous cells
    • Fight against allergies
    • Removes Free Radicals
    • Reduces Inflammation

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