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Noni Juice 100% 500 ml.


Ingredients : Noni Juice 100%
Contain : 500 ml.
Usage : Drink 30-60 ml. daily
Thailand FDA No. 17-2-03447-2-0007

Noni Juice 100% 500 ml.

  • Noni is just one of the many names of Morinda citrifolia. It's found throughout the tropics and has been use with human over 2000 years. In Thai traditional medicine use this plant for digestion and problem. 


    • Improve digestive system

    • Helps normalize blood pressure.

    • Calm and sleep well

    • Enhance cellular well

    • Strengthen immune system

    • Promote general health

  •        Morinda Citrifolia Juice, made from the Noni plant, known by several different names throughout Polynesia and other tropical and subtropical regions of the world, the Morinda citrifolia plant has been used for centuries for its multiple nutritional benefits. The plant's white blossoms develop into pungent-smelling fruit that yields amazing juice.

           Noni has been used for generations as a whole-body tonic to treat poor digestion, high blood pressure, respiratory problems and immune deficiencies. Noni juice acts as a natural antioxidant working with the kidneys to help rid the body of toxins.  Also known for its effect on pain, used to relieve constipation, headaches, menstrual cramping and inflammation caused by arthritis.

           The juice contains unique phytonutrients, selinium, xeronine and its precursor proxeronine. Phytonutrients nourish the the body's cells, organs and tissues. They also fight damage caused by aging, harmful chemicals and pollution. Selenium is a naturally occurring antioxidant. Xeronine, a relatively small alkaloid, is Morinda's physiologically key ingredient. Though Morinda contains only small amounts of xeronine, it contains significant amounts of proxeronine and the enzyme that release xeronine from proxeronine. Liquid Morinda contains reconstituted Morinda fruit juice, natural flavors and no preservatives. The natural blend of flavors gives Morinda a pleasant tropical taste.

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